A 30-minute class which will have you utilizing major and minor muscle groups of the abdominals and lower back, to strengthen and tone your stomach.


Come join us for some fun in the pool. A great aerobic and resistance training class that will help strengthen your muscles without putting added stress on your joints.


BODYATTACK™ is a high-energy fitness class with moves that cater for total beginners to total addicts. We combin athletic movements like running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. A BODYATTACK instructor will pump out energizing tunes and lead you through the workout – challenging your limits in a good way, burning up to 730 calories* and leaving you with a sense of achievement.



BODYFLOW™ is ideal for anyone and everyone as a yoga-based class that will improve your mind, your body and your life. During BODYFLOW an inspired soundtrack plays as you bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves and embrace the elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Breathing control is part of all the exercises, and instructors will always provide options for those just getting started. You’ll strengthen your entire body and leave the class feeling calm and centered. Happy.


BODYCOMBAT™ is a high-energy martial arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact. Punch and kick your way to fitness and burn up to 740 calories* in a class. No experience needed. Learn moves from Karate, Taekwando, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu. Release stress, have a blast and feel like a champ. Bring your best fighter attitude and leave inhibitions at the door.


BODYJAM™ is the cardio workout where you are free to enjoy the sensation of dance. An addictive fusion of the latest dance styles and hottest new sounds puts the emphasis as much on having fun as on breaking a sweat.



BODYPUMP™ is for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout. It will burn up to 590 calories*. Instructors will coach you through the scientifically proven moves and techniques pumping out encouragement, motivation and great music – helping you achieve much more than on your own! You’ll leave the class felling challenged and motivated, ready to come back for more.


BODYSTEP™ is just like walking up and down stairs but includes a full-body cardio workout to tone your butt and thighs. In a BODYSTEP Athletic class, you combine basic stepping with moves like burpees, push-ups and weight plate exercises to work the upper body. If you like quicker stepping, then BODYSTEP Classic is for you. There are lots of options to get you through the workout safely. Our instructors coach you through the workout. We play invigorating, hit music and inject a whole lot of fun along the way. You can burn up to 620 calories* and you’ll leave buzzing with satisfaction.


BODYVIVE 3.1 is the low-impact group fitness workout that provides an optimal mix of strength, cardio and core training. This class is one of the safest and most effective workouts around. The challenging mix of lunges, squats, running and tubing exercises will help you burn up to 490 calories* each class. The great music will leave you fizzing with energy and feeling great. *Silver&Fit approved!


Rock it out with this energetically inventive class that unites great cycling with great core work


A group cycling class that will exhilarate and challenge your cardiovascular system, geared towards all fitness levels. Each unique class is sure to strengthen your legs, burn mad calories and build endurance!


CXWORX™ really hones in on the torso and sling muscles that connect your upper body to your lower body. It’s ideal for tightening your tummy and butt, while also improving functional strength and assisting in injury prevention. It’ll help you run faster…play harder…stand stronger!


Develop new skills while discovering strength and attitude. Jab, cross, hook, and kick your way into a fit physique! Class suitable for all fitness levels.


A combination of kickboxing moves PLUS strength training using weights and/or your own body resistance.


A matt class that focuses on strengthening the muscles of the “powerhouse”- abs, back, glutes, and thighs- based on the teaching of Joseph Pilates. Through the series of movements over time, Pilates paves the road to optimal strength, flexibility, and posture to create a longer, leaner you


“POOL”ATES (Fit”Poolates”)- aka “Pilates in the water.” Poolates is a core-strengthening workout and improves flexibility for anyone who might not be able to do land Pilates. The water acts as an equalizer for stability, and is beneficial for all levels of fitness


RPM™ is the indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of motivating music. Burn up to 620 calories* a workout and get fit fast. Learn all the basic cycling moves like standing up, sitting down, changing hand positions, speeding up and slowing down. You control your own resistance levels and sprint speed so you can build up your training level over time. If you want a true sense of achievement, get into a RPM class today.


SH’BAM™ is a fun-loving, insanely addictive dance workout with an ego-free zone – no dance experience required. All you need is a playful attitude and a cheeky smile so forget being a wallflower – even if you walk in thinking you can’t, you walk out knowing you can.

Silver Sneakers Classic:

Silver Sneakers Classic improves strength, flexibility, posture and balance. Exercise at your own pace with resistance tools including bands, balls and weights. Get fit your way. *HealthWays approved!


Includes a combination of step aerobics and strength training using weights and/or your own body resistance. A great total body workout!


A workout designed using step equipment that is suitable for all levels. This class is a gradual build of choreography and intensity, with an emphasis on lower body endurance with a segment focused on toning.


Interval training and muscle conditioning combined into a one hour class that will leave you wanting more.


Non-impactful class that tones and sculpts the body using light weights and resistance, along with body weight, to lengthen the muscle. All levels welcome.


A fun and exciting cardio kickboxing format that challenges your fitness with rounds that focus on upper and lower body.


Finding a sliver of tranquility and stillness in your everyday life is just one of the small blissful benefits created with a steady yoga practice. This class is suited for all levels of members who enjoy a challenge of physical practice of flowing yoga poses that will sculpt, tone, and refine the body and mind. Each yoga class is unique to the individual style of the trained instructor.


Dance, laugh and burn those calories! This vibrant, energy-filled calorie burning phenomenon brings the nightclub to you by fusing hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy to follow dance moves that will have you moving and grooving to a sexier shape!


ZUMBA® GOLD uses the same great Zumba formula. We have added a longer warm up and cool down to allow participants a program that improves balance, flexibility and cardiovascular strength. Zumba Gold provides appropriate dance routines for beginners and older adults using modified movements. *Silver&Fit approved!



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